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DETOURS Native America is a leading native-owned tour company created by owner Donovan Hanley and DETOURS owner Jeff Slade. DETOURS Native America strives to enhance the universal community through voluntourism, immersive experiences, and historical storytelling from a native perspective. For the first time, non-natives will be able to experience Native American heritage, culture, cuisine and celebration on a local level. These small group Native American tours offer exclusive access and a local look into the dozens of tribes in the American West. From Native American private tours to multi-day itineraries, DETOURS Native America connects non-natives to the history of indigenous Americans through remarkable experiences.

Meet Donovan

DETOURS Native America owner Donovan Hanley is from the quaint northern Arizona community of White Cone, AZ. Donovan is of the Towering House Clan, and born for the Water Flowing Together Clan. Early on in Donovan’s career, he instructed the Hospitality Management program at Greyhills Academy High School, and most recently was the Director of Sales for the Navajo Nation Hospitality Enterprise.

Donovan is an active member and on the Board of Directors of the Arizona American Indian Tourism Association, and holds memberships with the US Travel Association, Grand Circle Association and the American Indian Alaskan Native Tourism Association. Donovan is globally recognized for his work with tribal entities in promoting Native America to international and domestic visitors.

2018 DETOURS Native America Tours


Explore the 7 tribes of Arizona on this exclusive Native American tour that includes visits to:

  • San Carlos Apache Nation
  • White Mountain Apache Nation
  • Pueblo of Zuni
  • Navajo Nation and Window Rock
  • Canyon de Chelly
  • Hopi Cultural Center
  • Winslow and Camp Verde
Tour 2

Awaken your senses and experience the native celebrations of:

  • Tribal pageantry
  • Song and dance
  • Intertribal demonstrations and culture
  • Local food
  • Jewelry and artwork
  • National and Tribal Parks from a local perspective
Donovan's DETOURS - Canyon de Chelly tours

Take Donovan’s DETOURS to discover his hometown and favorite places to visit in the American West:

  • Canyon de Chelly
  • Monument Valley
  • Lake Powell
  • Antelope Canyon
  • Four Corners
  • A taste of Native American cuisine
Tour 3

Experience both adventure and culture on this trip to Arizona and Utah:

  • Lake Powell region
  • Antelope Canyon
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Monument Valley
  • Canyon de Chelly
  • Hubbell Trading Post
  • La Posada

Navajoland 2018 Itinerary Coming Soon!


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